Q: Are you open on weekends?

A: Your Mechanic is closed on Sundays.  We are open Saturdays by appointment.

Q: Will you come to my house to fix my car?

A: No. We are NOT mobile mechanics.  All our tools and equipment are at

the shop and weigh tons!  Also, it is illegal to do repairs on the street in any 

municipality in Ventura County.   (This is a subject we can expound on for

pages, but won't. Search it and you, too can see why going to a shop is a better

deal for you.)

Q: Is maintenance really needed?

A: Only if you want your car to be reliable.

Q: Do I have to go to the Dealer?

A: You do not have to go to the dealership for maintenance procedures that are outlined as a scheduled service in your owner’s manual–for instance; a lube/oil/filter, fluid changes, or tire rotations. Your warranty will still be honored, but be sure to keep your receipts and have proof that the maintenance was done to your vehicle at a licensed repair shop. If something does go wrong and requires warranty repair, you’ll have proof that it wasn’t caused by lack of maintenance.

Q: Can I wait while my car is serviced?

A: Yes.  You’re welcome to wait in our waiting room.  Due to insurance as well as the time constraints of our technicians, we do not allow you to wait in your car or the repair area.

Q: My check engine light just came on after I got gas...what’s wrong?

A: Before you race on over, check the gas cap. Is it on correctly? Newer cars have a sensor that knows when gas fumes are escaping through the gas cap.  It’s a common mistake and an easy fix.


Q: Can I bring my own parts?

A: The short answer is: No. We purchase high quality OEM parts.  Our experience shows that too often a cheaper part often fails prematurely. Your Mechanic stands behind the parts we purchase as well as our work. We will only re-do a job because of a failed part we purchased. If you purchased it, you will pay a second time for the same job to be done.  

Q: What’s a “cabin air filter?”

A: Just like the air filter for your engine, there is an air filter for the passenger area of the car. It filters out dirt, dust, exhaust, etc. before the air you breathe comes into the cabin of the car. Access to the filter is different on each type of car (through the engine, under the dash, through the glove box, etc.). The cabin air filter should be inspected every year.